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Tasting Sheet

Sparkling blanc de noir Grenache NV

he Hoopenburg Estate range
In this range we try and capture the typical flavour and fruit of each cultivar. Wines are matured in barrels for up to 12 months before we start the selecting and blending process. The label shows the panoramic view you see when standing in our vineyards.  

The Guru wines
Aimed at the lifestyle wine drinking market. We create wines that are easily accessible wines that will be enjoyable to the 'new' wine drinkers as well as the more seasoned and uncomplicated wine drinker

The winery virtually encircled by the majestic Simonsberg mountain range, and commanding an unobstructed view of Table Mountain, the vineyards, charming homestead and tasting centre at Hoopenburg are blessed with an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity.

Hoopenburg, owned by the Schmitz family from Germany, is unique in that it is the only wine estate in South Africa where 100% of the vineyard comprises bush vines. "Being planted to bush vines, our vineyards are naturally controlled to have yields of below 6 tons per hectare. Nourished by pure underground water, our unique dry-land bush-vine vineyards produce grapes of exceptional taste and flavour. All our grapes are hand-picked and sorted so we extract only the best juice, and in the cellar our aim is to capture and enhance the grapes' natural potential," says Anton Beukes, General Manager and Cellarmaster at Hoopenburg.

The Hoopenburg team, following and believing in the principle of environmentally-friendly farming, have converted some of their vineyard to organically grown blocks and the rest of Hoopenburg is farmed according to South Africa's IPW Scheme (Integrated Production of Wine).

Regulations are followed to ensure that all our grapes are produced in harmony with nature to ensure sustainable wine production for the future.

The focus on the production noble cultivars, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Shiraz, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. Nourished by pure underground water, our unique bush vines produce grapes of exceptional taste and flavor. The moderate climate of our area combined with the good soils helps us to further achieve growing top quality grapes.

Our wine making process complements the grapes natural potential. All our grapes are handpicked and sorted to have only the best juices extracted. Fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks or in open casks after which the wine is aged in French oak barrels. Depending on the style our winemaker will use these factors in varying combinations to suite our market.



Neil Joubert wines thrive in making down to earth fine wines that enrich the soul

The founder of Klein Simonsvlei, Piet Joubert, bought the farm in 1898 with the main objective of producing fruit. His second son Daniel, joined him on the farm at the age of 22, followed by his son Niel, who took over to run operations in 1950. While grapes were also grown here at the turn of the century, production remained small until the 4th generation when Daan took over fully in 1981.

Of the three wine ranges available, a limited volume premium selection is called Christine-Marié, with different packaging to the other wines. Christine-Marié is also a family name, that of Niel Joubert’s wife, but the range was named in honour of a later name bearer, Daan’s sister, tragically killed in a car crash along with her husband and children…




Our estate wines are grown on the slopes of the Simonsberg mountains in South Africa. We make wine with pride in provenance, and humility in craftsmanship.

Our wines are fruitful, structured, elegant, and above all authentic to their origin. Noble Hill is located on the the granite slopes of the Simonsberg mountains which have produced South Africa’s finest wines for more than 300 years.



The exclusive winery of Peter Falke is nestled against the majestic slopes of the Helderberg Mountains in the heart of the Stellenbosch winelands, South Africa. Groenvlei Farm is home to rambling magenta bougainvillea, delicate scented roses and wild lavender growing alongside carefully cultivated vineyards.

Dating back to the 18th century, the traditional gabled Cape Dutch buildings of the wine estate belie a contrasting modernity within. The stately old homestead is partnered by a “boutique” winery, contemporary wine tasting room and luxurious outdoor lounge which have established Peter Falke Wines as the most elegant and serene sundowner retreat in the winelands.

The Falke family has been doing business in South Africa since 1969. Peter Falke was born in Germany. His dream to own a farm came true when he acquired Groenvlei in 1995.

We believe the quality of an exclusive wine is achieved from the quality of its grapes
Two collections of wine are brought to life at Peter Falke Wines.  The Signature Collection, with its contemporary mirrored label, attracts the discerning wine connoisseur, while our PF Collection embodies relaxed, stylish sociability, with a light multifaceted character that plays on the senses.

Enjoy our exceptional wines that reflect the lifestyles, cultures and personalities.

Earth possesses tangible qualities.

It is tactile, malleable, warm, sensual, changeable, imbued with colour and smells. Earth is organic and alive, a source of nutrition for crops and plants.

The French define Terroir as being the unique aspects of a land and its environment. At Peter Falke Wines our emphasis shifts from winemaking to wine growing. We believe the quality of an exclusive wine is achieved from the quality of its grapes.

Our philosophy is to capture the essence of the yearly harvest. We hand select our grapes in the vineyards and once in the cellar we release their true inner character in a traditional way combined with modern techniques by applying natural and minimalistic processes.

Werner Schrenk, viticulturist, award winning wine maker and general manager joined the Peter Falke team in 2008.

Louis Nel joined Peter Falke Wines as consultant winemaker in 2013.



Wildekrans Wine Estate is a picturesque 1 000 hectare estate tucked away in the beautiful Botrivier Valley.

What is now an estate that produces international award-winning wines, Wildekrans was originally established as a mixed farming operation. It was soon realised that the cool terroir of this picturesque farm in the Botrivier Valley, had all the key components to produce grapes of the highest quality expressions.

The winemaking process, similarly, adheres to principles of low intervention with a focus on capturing and retaining the essence of the vine and its terroir. The Wildekrans winemaking philosophy is based on the premise that great wines begin in the vineyard. Consequently, infinite care is taken to match varietals to suitable soil types. The vines are thereafter nurtured to produce low yielding crops of pronounced structure and fruit intensity. The estate is planted to around 70 hectares of red and white varietals with future plantings set to enrich and balance the portfolio.

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